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Customer Care

Our primary aim is to provide customers with the very best level of service that can be expected. Our goal is your complete satisfaction and to achieve this we are committed to our Customer Care Policy for all jobs regardless of size.
• Deal with customers honestly, fairly and politely
• Be trustworthy and reliable and respect confidentiality
• Consider the customer's needs and environment and provide the appropriate care
• Keep transport arrangements to time and respond quickly and in a helpful manner
• Always be efficient and effective to ensure best value for the customer
• Meet our deadlines and keep the customer informed of progress
• When we cannot provide exactly what someone wants, be innovative and suggest alternatives
• Apologise if things go wrong and do our best to put things right
• Listen to feedback, act on it and respond

We continue to focus on the service issues which differentiate us from our competitors.

No loyalty will accrue to those who indulge in price based competition and ignore superior service credentials.