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Environmental Policy

Cathkin Clean is committed to ensuring minimum impact on the environment through continued monitoring of our processes and having a robust system in place to ensure compliance with relevant environmental legislation. Our environmental management system is based on ISO14000.

Similarly we are committed to providing a safe working environment for all our employees and do this through the company Health and Safety management system based on BS18001.

Sourcing Policy
Cathkin Clean’s ethical sourcing policy is to seek to source and purchase goods which are produced and delivered under conditions that do not involve the abuse or exploitation of any persons.

Minimising Environmental impact

Cathkin Clean currently:

• recaptures all waste heat from our steam boiler flue to preheat wash water using a flue gas stack economiser;
• recaptures the flash steam to preheat wash water via a vent condenser;
• minimises effluent from wash programmes;
• minimises heat loss from drying cycles and harvests rainwater for wash processing, via filtration;
• minimises paper usage through electronic filing, invoicing & issue of statements and correspondence;
• compacts waste polythene & cardboard to minimise landfill and maximise recycling;
• totally recycles chemical detergent vessels and aluminium wire clothes hangers;
• removes under control all contaminated waste dry cleaning solvent and controls toxic emissions in accordance with current solvent emissions legislation.